How to bring Bhakti Yoga Club to your campus?

 Bhakti Yoga Club (BYC) is present at many campuses around the United States, and focuses on bringing yoga, meditation, engaging discussions on Vedic philosophy and “karma-free” vegan meals to students. Providing their communities with any or all of these activities, BYC offers practical tools and lifestyle engineering that students can use to transform the quality of their day-to-day lives. Throughout the year, in addition to their regular meetings, BYC facilitates a wide range of events including guest speakers, such as world-traveling monks, and weekend retreats to yoga farms for a break from university and city life.

At its core, BYC engages students in meaningful discussion and helps them to develop a sustainable yoga and meditation practice, form genuine friendships and, of course, enjoy delicious food!


If you are interested in creating a Bhakti Yoga Club at your campus, please let us know!

At most universities, the first step after gathering a group of interested students is to reach out to your Office of Student Activities for campus-specific information about the registration process.


If you need help getting started with the registration process, or would like access to resources to help your campus’s BYC grow, please email or call (215) 834-8043.