“The Bhakti Yoga Club has been one of the most fun and enriching parts of my life at Temple. Every meeting is a chance to relax, learn, and have mind-opening discussions with a diverse group of really cool people (plus there are always tons of super tasty vegan snacks!)”
~Rachel, Theater Major, Temple University

Looking for a way to relax, rejuvenate, explore and experience new things in a dynamic environment? We support a number of Bhakti Yoga clubs at different universities in the Philadelphia area, helping them to bring yoga, meditation, philosophy and delicious vegan food to their campuses. University years are often marked by stress and anxiety, and self-care – although often neglected – is of the utmost importance. These clubs facilitate fitness for the mind, body and soul – all while encouraging the development of new friends, a supportive community, and lifestyle engineering for the greatest success!


Currently, all university students are invited to join the live-online Monday night events held every week from 6pm-7pm. Through these events you can keep yourself active and steady in mind through yoga and interactive discussions.


The weekly link is: https://temple.zoom.us/j/91568391775

Any questions? Please contact (734) 549-5658


For events and information specific to your campus, please see below:


Temple University:

Check us out on FacebookInstagram or send us an email at byctemple@gmail.com


University of Pennsylvania:

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email at bycupenn@gmail.com



Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email at bycdrexel@gmail.com



Don’t see your university listed? Please contact us about starting a Bhakti Yoga club on your campus. We are happy to help!