Join world-traveling monk Devamrita Swami as he explores our inherent need for entertainment and pleasure, and how we can fulfill it in the highest sense. Escape contemporary society’s matrix of illusion and indulge in an evening of meditation, discussion, and a delicious vegan feast.
About the topic:
Instant gratification is the mantra for the day. With our faith firmly invested in today’s instant touchscreen technology, we can explore varieties of desires from the cozy comforts of our screen. The economy may go boom or bust but our desire for instant gratification has only increased. We are constantly seeking the biggest bang and the greatest happiness that can be orchestrated from the complexities of our daily lives. As ‘power of purchase’ and the big bang of entertainment firms its grip on our lives – why is it that worry and anxiety follow us like a shadow?
We can buy things instantly, watch things instantly, read about things instantly, and share instantly with others. Amidst the apparent ease of satisfying our desire for constant entertainment, are we accessing the best pleasure or simply settling for what we know?
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Join us for an amazing evening of soul-stirring discussion with Devamrita Swami!

Devamrita Swami has been a monk for over 45 years, is a Yale graduate and an author of several books. He has done tremendous work to inspire and guide several eco-farm projects around the globe. Join us for an evening of dinner and discussion with Devamrita Swami as he takes us deep into the Yoga Universe to present sustainable solutions to rewire and revive the Earth-and-I connection.
About the topic:
How am I affected by the varied natural disasters and eco-system breakdowns that the environment today poses? Besides the environmentally triggered doomsday blockbusters, is there any truth to the challenges we as a civilization now face? As researchers map the growing impact of the human footprint and the complexities of our present issues, an intelligent person wonders where to turn for a solution.  Will it be in a lab, or at a conference? Where can we find a viable, all-encompassing and sustainable solution for the challenges we are dealing with?

If you have ever bought an expensive toy for a young child, you may have noticed something interesting. They are excited and play with it for a couple of days, then it goes into the closet with the rest of the toys. Those who are particularly observant might notice that the same thing happens to adults; the excitement of a new job trails off to the boredom of a daily routine. All things seem to lose their taste. Is there anything that is as fresh as on the day you first tried it? Come figure out the answer offered in the ancient yoga texts and a great vegan dinner!

There seems to be a new yoga studio on every corner these days.  From hot yoga to goat yoga, it seems harder than ever to figure out what will get you the most bang for your buck.  Many people go to yoga for the physical benefits that it offers: increased strength and flexibility with less stress.  But is yoga just about how long you can stay in downward dog?  Come hear about the highest yoga system found in the ancient texts and enjoy a delicious dinner!

Over the past several years, the special domains on human activities have been slowly chipped away on all sides.  Language, culture and emotion have been found among primates, birds, and many other animals.  Computers can now make deliberate and decide.  With all of the things we thought had made us special, what makes humans different than anything else on earth?  Come hear what the ancient yoga texts have to say and partake in a great vegan dinner afterwards.

Every couple of months, there is a new fad diet that sweeps the country.  Whether it is atkins, low carb, or a juice cleanse, there always seems to be a new idea about the best way to eat.  With all of these diets, we may wonder if our decisions about what to consume have any effect beyond our body?  Does our diet effect us spiritually as well as physically?  Come discuss these questions and more and enjoy a delicious dinner afterwards.

It is safe to say that we have all done things that we regret. Words that left our mouth too quickly, an email that we should not have pressed send on, or a path we chose not to take. What is the way to deal with regret, big or small? Come analyze the ancient yoga wisdom on the topic of regret with us, and have a great vegan dinner.

Join us for an amazing evening of soul-stirring discussion with Devamrita Swami!

About the topic: “Living for the weekend” seems like it has become the mantra of our culture.  Just make it through the workweek so that we can party hard on the weekend.  Filling up our time with diversions, we want to enjoy as much as we can before we have to return to the grind of work.  To do this, we entice our mind and senses with anything that will grab their attention.  But is there more to life than just jumping from gratifying one sense to another in a never-ending rollercoaster?  Come hear about how to develop a more lasting happiness with Devamrita Swami.hear about how to develop a more lasting happiness with Devamrita Swami.

About Devamrita Swami: Devamrita Swami is a motivational speaker, teacher, Yale University graduate as well as an author and a monk. He has a unique ability to analyze modern problems through the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and other yoga texts. He challenges audiences to understand that the quest for genuine personal & social upliftment is rooted in precise and comprehensive knowledge. His guidance has proved invaluable to students and professionals seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life. He is the visionary director of sustainable farm communities in North America, New Zealand and Australia and brings with him over 45 years of experience in mindfulness and the science of consciousness.

Traversing the contemporary milieu of spiritual knowledge, many are searching for a lifestyle that will fulfill their longings for connection and lasting fulfillment. But in this search, the question may arise: How do we balance these internal needs with the demands of everyday life? Does a spiritual lifestyle mean we must sacrifice our dreams and ambitions – be they career, relationship or otherwise – to pursue the goal of self-realization? What does the life of an urban yogi really look like?

Join us for an enlivening weekend retreat with world-traveling monk Devamrita Swami to discover the depths of bhakti yoga and its scope for fulfilling our dreams and ambitions even while pursuing a deeper understanding of our inner dynamic. Explore how your heart can find real fulfillment in the application of “spiritual technology,” as it is elaborately described in the ancient yoga texts. Enjoy morning meditations, engaging workshops, delicious meals and the beauty of a natural environment that is sure to soothe the soul and inspire deep thinking. We hope you can make it!
More details:
The cost is $125, which includes all your expenses (accommodation, meals, activities, etc.). Once we receive your payment, your spot is reserved.
The cost is $125, which includes all your expenses (accommodation, meals, activities, etc.). Once we receive your payment, your spot is reserved.

What to expect:
* Delicious vegan meals
* Thought-provoking and soul-stirring presentations by Devamrita Swami
* Nature walks and farm fun
* Daily meditation
* Kirtan and bonfires
* Yoga class

About Devamrita Swami: Devamrita Swami is a world traveling monk of over 40 years joining us from ‘down under’. He graduated from Yale University and is an author of several books like Hiding in Unnatural Happiness, Searching for Vedic India, Perfect Escape and others. He is the founder of the Institute of Sustainability and an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he serves as the director of the Gita Nagari Yoga Farm which is a sustainable community that works in harmony with nature and animals to demonstrate an example of compassionate and sustainable living for all. He has presented on diverse topics to students across top universities of the world like Yale, UCLA, Indian Institute of Technology, Cardiff University, Columbia University, University of Toronto, Melbourne University, University of Pennsylvania and several others. His strategic guidance has proved invaluable to students and professionals seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life. Main stops on his global circuit are Australia, China, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, Russia, India, Argentina, Chile, the UK, Scandinavia, and Central Europe.

About Gita Nagari: An abode of scenic beauty and peaceful souls will be our home for 2-days. Set in the scenic Tuscarora Valley, framed by mountain ridges and a bubbling creek, Gita Nagari is home to joyful volunteers, a herd of peaceful cows/oxen, and a carefree flock of about 40 peacocks. With 350 acres of rolling green hay fields, pastures, and diverse woods, the farm focuses on engaging in compassionate farming, a directive which guides all its activities. The only USDA certified ahimsa (nonviolent) farm in the United States, Gita Nagari is a working example of how sustainability, compassionate living and spirituality are inseparable components of a holistic life.

What a day would look like:
* Morning Meditations
* Breakfast
* Workshops with Devamrita Swami
* Lunch
* Select Activities: farm work, nature walks, yoga classes, etc.
* Evening workshops with Devamrita Swami
* Dinner
* Musical Meditation

Always expect leisure time throughout the day when you can connect with others, explore and make new friends.
Hope to see you there!

A buzzword amongst society’s activist circles and those desiring to implement change in the world, “sustainability” has captured the international stage. Yet the approach to sustainability is varied and innovative, constantly evolving to accommodate an array of variables and considerations.

Join us for an evening of sustainability analysis, delving into the issue through a variety of lenses and seeking, at its core, the essence of this movement and what it could mean for humanity at large.