march, 2019

01mar6:00 pm8:00 pmFRIDAY - WISDOM SERIES: The Indwelling Self - Developing Spiritual Vision


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We often overlook the fact that there is more to us than just the body and mind. In a society that encourages us to further our identification with those external factors, it is difficult to come across, or even consider, knowledge beyond the realm of our common understanding. Man, animal, nature, etc. – we interact with all of these on the basis of their variegated external bodies. The yoga texts explain that no matter what body – be it that of a tree, a dog, a hog, a cat, a cow, a man, a fish, etc. – there is the self, the spiritual spark, dwelling within. But how can we see that if we are so used to relying on the external coverings to understand a living being? What is it that gives us the vision to understand the spiritual nature of things? Is there such a thing? Are all things products of inert matter? Or is there something more, a further dimension, to be considered?


Join us for an evening of thought-provoking discussion, meditation, yoga, and, of course, a delicious vegan feast!


Pay for this class – $10

Pay for 10 classes – $80