Want yoga and meditation on your campus?  We collaborate with several universities in the Philadelphia area to bring meditation, yoga and and much more onto campus.  For more information about your campus, see below for more information and a Facebook link.  Don’t see your campus?  Feel free to get in touch and we will try to get a club started on your campus.
Is there more to yoga and meditation than just holding poses, stretching our muscles, and doing breathing exercises? What is the deeper meaning behind the asanas and breathing techniques, the Sanskrit words and beautiful mantras?  Explore the philosophy of the ancient yoga science Monday nights in Houston Hall.  Come learn about the philosophical science of yoga in a contemporary setting, showing us how we can bring a clearer consciousness and more peaceful mindset into our day-to-day living.  Enjoy a delicious vegan snack at the end of the evening as well!  For more details, find us on Facebook
Our minds get filled with all kinds of ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. all jumbled up in a big mess. This is what many of us may refer to as stress, and it gets fuelled by our absorption in the constant stream of things to do, bills to pay, people to please – to name only a few.
How do we break free of this anxiety-brewing cycle?  Ancient methods of meditation allow us to navigate the hefty loads we tend to carry with a bit more of a spiritualized intelligence.  Join us for some relaxation and a soothing dive into musical meditation, as well as some ancient bead meditation and a delicious vegan snack.  For more details, join our Facebook