Food for the Soul

Weekly distribution at different universities, catering option for yoga studios, festivals, etc.

Delicious vegan meals, cooked and served with love, are the key to a happy mind and body. We use whole grains, fresh vegetables, and a variety of sauces and spices to make sure that your experience is unforgettably good! Following the Yoga teachings of ahimsa (non-violence), all of our meals are vegan.

Although all meals at Mantra Lounge are vegan, we are able to cater vegetarian options upon request.  When we do have dairy products, they come from ahimsa cows that are cared for, loved and nurtured throughout their entire lives without ever being sold for their meat. Adhering to these principles of compassionate cooking and eating make these meals extra potent in rejuvenating your body and inspiring your soul.

We are also available to hire for catering yoga studio, a festival or a celebration. Let us know where we’re needed and we’ll make it happen! For catering inquiries, please email contact us.