Gita Nagari Retreats



City living can be stressful.  From catching trains to making rent, everybody needs some down time to recharge and rejuvenate.  But in a place that’s all about getting ahead as fast as you can, where do you go to slow down?  A perfect place to take a break from the rat race is Gita Nagari Eco Farm.

Gita Nagari is a sustainable farm located just outside of Port Royal.  They are dedicated to farming in a way that is good for humans, animals, and the earth.  With daily meditation, a peaceful atmosphere and amazing vegetarian food, Gita Nagari is a place like no other. Whether you are interested in farming, sustainability or just getting away from the city, join us for our next retreat with Devamrita Swami from April 20th to 22nd!

Please note that this fee is non-refundable.Please be advised that we are no longer arranging for car rides at this point.