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March 2018

World-Traveling Monk, Author and Teacher Coming to Philly Mar 23 – 18 days to go!

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‘How to solve the world’s problems?’ A blend of genuine desire mixed with curiosity and youthful courage led to a journey that has spanned six continents and five decades. From the world’s best education at Yale University, to pioneering undercover yoga education in Eastern Europe and meditating in ancient temples of India, his is a life that inspires many. A monk, educator and author of several books, he specializes in penetrating the various belief-systems that may cloud our spiritual vision.

Born and raised in New York City, at 13, he was giving sermons at the local church. Having completed 9th grade at Philadelphia’s Central High School he received a full scholarship for prep school in New Hampshire at Holderness School, where he graduated in 1968. As a 14 year old, he would ride his bike through those mountains and would wonder about the essential questions of life. With an intense focus on the best education, he went on to be a scholarship student at Yale University. Upon graduating from Yale University, a chance run-in with Bhagavad-gita, an ancient yoga text of the East, changed the course of his life.

A search for the best kind of pleasure and knowledge took him far from sophisticated Manhattan life and deep into the wisdom culture of ancient India as presented in Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagvatam. His latest book Hiding in Unnatural Happiness is a brilliant interplay of ancient yoga wisdom backed with the latest research in behavioural sciences.

He has been traveling the globe for over forty years presenting and empowering students at universities like Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Sorborne, University of Toronto, Emory University, University of Capetown, University of Pennsylvania, the University of Melbourne and others. For over a decade he taught Bhakti yoga and Krishna meditation underground in the former Soviet bloc of Eastern Europe inspiring many to practice these ancient yoga lifestyles during the late 70s and 80s.