january, 2017

27jan(jan 27)6:00 pm(jan 27)6:00 pmCONSCIOUS CONTEMPLATIONS: Forced Illusions: How We "Create" Our Own Reality


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Under the influence of our consumer society, we’re often taught to hold our heads up high and strut our stuff with confidence in the belief that we have the power to control our lives and different situations, and that indeed the things we pursue are always conducive to the best situation; to our ultimate pleasure.
However, mainstream information fails to inform us about the subtle intricacies at play. It is highly recommended by many to pursue the life of working very hard, then trying to enjoy, but really, where is the ultimate satisfaction?
Running on this treadmill, often times there is no end in sight. We want to enjoy – we want that ultimate satisfaction. Where can we find it? Is it in this difficult pursuit and endeavour for material enjoyment? Is there maybe something else? What are our options?
Let’s take a ride along this detour in thought and explore what the ancient yoga texts have to say 🙂


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