april, 2020

10apr(apr 10)6:00 pm(apr 10)6:00 pmFRIDAY - WISDOM SERIES: Living in the Moment: Making the Most of Time


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Tik, tok. Tik, tok. Tik, tok.

Time is a factor that all of our lives – whether we like it or not – revolve around. When we meet with friends, we do so at a scheduled time. When we go to work, we’re due at a specific time. When we go to a restaurant, we have to go during their hours of operation. We expect paychecks at a certain time, food at a certain time – the list goes on. Everything we do in our lives revolves around time, and, as the common saying goes, time is money. So we put value on the time we have. But do we ever dig a little deeper and understand why that is? Why are we in so much anxiety about not having enough time in the day? The thing is, we know our time is limited, and we are taught to spend it wisely… But no one ever really made clear what the best use of time was. Is it watching Netflix? Getting ahead at work? Getting the best grade at school? Being the best of the best? Or is there something of great value that should occupy our time?

Join in on a discussion on how to navigate this issue of time as we take a peak at what the yoga wisdom has to say.


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