december, 2019

13dec(dec 13)6:00 pm(dec 13)6:00 pmFRIDAY - WISDOM SERIES: Make Me Happy, Take Me Shopping - Transcending A Consumeristic Society


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The holiday season seems to be more about gift-getting than gift-giving. So often it’s said that we should be more concerned about giving a gift than getting one, but how upset would you be if you got your loved one a gift without them giving you one in return?

As we get older, it gets harder and harder – as well as more expensive – to pinpoint the kind of gift(s) we’d like for the holiday season. It’s not as simple as it used to be when you were a kid, so easily fascinated and engaged. The first thing to catch your eye was what you wanted. It was so easy to know what would make you ‘happy’. But being older and having developed intelligence, it’s a little challenging to know what makes us happy now. We can try to take society’s advice and go on a spending spree, buying everything that we want, but next year we’ll just want the bigger and better version of it all. And the same goes for the year after next. So in a society that’s always working towards the next big thing, how can we find satisfaction when we’re constantly told that we need to have the latest and greatest thing in order to be happy?

Join us for a deep-diving discussion this Friday, followed by a delicious dinner and musical meditation.


Pay for this class – $10

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