july, 2017

08julallday09alldayRetreat! The Bhakti Adventure: Our Hopes, Dreams, & Aspirations


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Traversing the contemporary milieu of spiritual knowledge, many are searching for a lifestyle that will fulfill their longings for connection and lasting fulfillment. But in this search, the question may arise: How do we balance these internal needs with the demands of everyday life? Does a spiritual lifestyle mean we must sacrifice our dreams and ambitions – be they career, relationship or otherwise – to pursue the goal of self-realization? What does the life of an urban yogi really look like?

Join us for an enlivening weekend retreat with world-traveling monk Devamrita Swami to discover the depths of bhakti yoga and its scope for fulfilling our dreams and ambitions even while pursuing a deeper understanding of our inner dynamic. Explore how your heart can find real fulfillment in the application of “spiritual technology,” as it is elaborately described in the ancient yoga texts. Enjoy morning meditations, engaging workshops, delicious meals and the beauty of a natural environment that is sure to soothe the soul and inspire deep thinking. We hope you can make it!
More details:
The cost is $125, which includes all your expenses (accommodation, meals, activities, etc.). Once we receive your payment, your spot is reserved.
The cost is $125, which includes all your expenses (accommodation, meals, activities, etc.). Once we receive your payment, your spot is reserved.

What to expect:
* Delicious vegan meals
* Thought-provoking and soul-stirring presentations by Devamrita Swami
* Nature walks and farm fun
* Daily meditation
* Kirtan and bonfires
* Yoga class

About Devamrita Swami: Devamrita Swami is a world traveling monk of over 40 years joining us from ‘down under’. He graduated from Yale University and is an author of several books like Hiding in Unnatural Happiness, Searching for Vedic India, Perfect Escape and others. He is the founder of the Institute of Sustainability and an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he serves as the director of the Gita Nagari Yoga Farm which is a sustainable community that works in harmony with nature and animals to demonstrate an example of compassionate and sustainable living for all. He has presented on diverse topics to students across top universities of the world like Yale, UCLA, Indian Institute of Technology, Cardiff University, Columbia University, University of Toronto, Melbourne University, University of Pennsylvania and several others. His strategic guidance has proved invaluable to students and professionals seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life. Main stops on his global circuit are Australia, China, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, Russia, India, Argentina, Chile, the UK, Scandinavia, and Central Europe.

About Gita Nagari: An abode of scenic beauty and peaceful souls will be our home for 2-days. Set in the scenic Tuscarora Valley, framed by mountain ridges and a bubbling creek, Gita Nagari is home to joyful volunteers, a herd of peaceful cows/oxen, and a carefree flock of about 40 peacocks. With 350 acres of rolling green hay fields, pastures, and diverse woods, the farm focuses on engaging in compassionate farming, a directive which guides all its activities. The only USDA certified ahimsa (nonviolent) farm in the United States, Gita Nagari is a working example of how sustainability, compassionate living and spirituality are inseparable components of a holistic life.

What a day would look like:
* Morning Meditations
* Breakfast
* Workshops with Devamrita Swami
* Lunch
* Select Activities: farm work, nature walks, yoga classes, etc.
* Evening workshops with Devamrita Swami
* Dinner
* Musical Meditation

Always expect leisure time throughout the day when you can connect with others, explore and make new friends.
Hope to see you there!


Please note that this fee is non-refundable.