january, 2017

13jan(jan 13)6:00 pm(jan 13)6:00 pmTHINK OUT LOUD: Spiritual Warriors: Combatting the Enemies Within


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We try to live positive, well-rounded lives. Building a strong foundation to develop our character, our relationships, our work and academic endeavours, we aspire for comfort and happiness.
No one is really trying to make enemies, and generally, we don’t have such a severe situation of inimical relationships.
So externally, things may seem alright. They may seem normal, progressive, peaceful.. But internally, we can all agree that there is quite a different dynamic. Something else is there dictating what we might or might not want, or how we can be satisfied.
Introducing, the mind. Yes. The mind.
The yoga texts help us understand the power of the mind; that it can be the best of friends, or the worst of enemies.
Indeed, all of us have experienced the sometimes overwhelming noise of mental tug-of-war. Somehow, we succumb to the demands of the mind, the hub of all the senses, and we get carried away in all directions just because of a thought, feeling, or desire that sprouted in the mind.
So we’ve identified our enemy. But wait a minute!
How do we fight an enemy from within?
Isn’t that kind of… impossible?
Join us for a deep discussion this Friday as we dive into the topic of the mind, as well as for a soul-stirring kirtan and a wonderful vegan feast!


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