december, 2016

16dec(dec 16)6:00 pm(dec 16)6:00 pmTHINK OUT LOUD


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Nowadays there are so many movements crying out for justice and change in the different facets of people’s interactions with society. Whether the issue is social, political, economic, etc., there is always some desire for discussion, contemplation, and action.

Our Think Out Loud series is trying to address this tendency, but with a bit of a yoga-twist 😉

Yoga and meditation is much deeper than the just sitting cross-legged and focusing on the breath in order to experience some relief from the problems we face both world-wide and individually. Beyond stress-relief, where can real yoga take us?

Join us as we discuss how to see the problems and obstacles we face through the eyes of ancient yoga wisdom, pulling from texts like the Bhagavad Gita and its graduate study, the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Includes an enlivening kirtan experience and a wonderful vegan feast! 🙂

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