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Living Life on the Yogic Path

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What a Yale University education could not provide, an ancient yoga text did. That is what bhakti yogi Devamrita Swami experienced in the 1970s. As a scholarship student, Devamrita Swami wanted answers to the world’s problems. After consulting with his academic advisors, he studied whatever subject he wanted to. Upon graduation, he was unsatisfied.


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World-traveling monk warns Penn students of effects of materialism on happiness, environment

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World-traveling monk Devamrita Swamivisited Penn to share his thoughts on being happy and maintaining environmental sustainability by not focusing on material rewards.

Bhakti Yoga club hosted the event in Houston Hall of Flags on April 10. Swami, a Yale graduate, has been a monk in the Krishna Bhakti tradition since 1982 and has researched consciousness for 45 years.


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What’s ‘sustainable happiness’? This monk knows

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When Devamrita Swami delivers a talk, he bets on an audience sharing one fundamental human endeavor: Everyone wants to be happy.

“Happiness is a universal pursuit,” says Swami, a Krishna bhakti, Yale-educated monk. “And sustainable happiness is happiness that contributes to individual and global well-being without exploiting other people, the environment, other species, or future generations.”


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Krishna monk talks economy, sustainability and spirituality in upcoming events

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Is working toward world peace and pursuing personal happiness possible?  Can we transcend the social angst that eats away at our contemporary society?  Sometimes you need to ask the big questions. Devamrita Swami, the director of Mantra Lounge meditation studio, will be in town next week lecturing on these critical topics and connecting the dots between economy, sustainability, and spirituality.


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Philly Yoga and Meditation Center Links City Dwellers Back to Nature

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Philadelphia is the launch pad for a spiritual group’s new attempt to link meditation-seeking city dwellers with replenishment in a rural setting.

“The purpose of the urban-rural farm connection is to demonstrate sustainable living and spiritual thinking,” said traveling monk Devamrita Swami. “We strongly advocate the combination of both.”

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These $10 Yoga-and-Dinner Classes Are One of Philly’s Best Kept Secrets

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If I told you that 10 bucks could get you a yoga or meditation class followed by a vegan dinner here in Philly multiple days a week, you’d probably laugh in my face then shove your latest Sweetgreen receipt toward me to prove just how too-good-to-be-true this sounds. But, my dear friends, I am here to tell you that it is nottoo good to be true: The folks at South Kensington’s Mantra Lounge, a volunteer-led non-profit yoga and meditation-focused center that opened at 312 East Girard Avenue in August, hosts $10 yoga and/or meditation sessions followed by vegan dinners three times a week.


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