Lessons from gardening 🌸😎

By May 31, 2019Uncategorized

1 – As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk, branches, twigs and everything else, and as supplying food to the stomach enlivens the senses and limbs of the body, by simply engaging in selfless spiritual activity we water the root of our existence, which nourishes the self in the most complete way, and all aspects of our lives fall perfectly into place.

2 – The Tulasi plant was very weak and it was windy. But by getting the right support at the right time and at the right spot, she stabilized. If we tied the knot a little above or a little below, then she would break. If we delayed the tying of the knot, then she would break. In the same way, we need the right support in our bhakti at the right time and spot.

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