Mantra Lounge is a volunteer-centric organization – one of the things that makes it so special – and we encourage volunteering as a key part of our community!

Volunteering is known as the best kept secret for mental health – helping to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness. It even helps you to live longer! A 2012 study showed that the life expectancy of those who volunteer is longer than those who don’t, contributing factors being improved self-confidence, lower levels of stress and lower feelings of loneliness.

At Mantra Lounge, volunteers have the opportunity to be a part of something special, with real purpose and meaning. It is a place where you can give back in a way that is truly impactful and satisfying!

Our current volunteering opportunities:


Cooking assistance: at each of our evening events, and for lunch Tuesday through Thursday, Mantra Lounge is busy preparing delicious vegan meals! Volunteers will help with chopping vegetables, preparing the meals, and cleaning up afterwards – it is the perfect way to learn how to cook vegan dishes, as well as make some new friends!

 Graphic design: from posters to flyers to social media graphics, assisting with graphic design is the perfect outlet for your creative abilities, and a way to realize the true potential of creativity to influence positive change.  

 Marketing: volunteers help with website design, generating marketing material (videos, images, etc.) or local community outreach, helping to reach a wider audience 


 Cleaning: as with any organization, upkeep is key! Each week some of our volunteers do a thorough clean of Mantra Lounge, making sure everything is in order for the week. 

 Music Engineering/Recording: for those interested in recording and producing, we are looking to record the music meditation done at Mantra Lounge – since transcendental sound has the ability to connect us with our real self, we would like to make it as accessible as possible!

 Photography: a picture is worth a thousand words, and a good picture is worth even more! If you have a camera and are passionate about photography, we are always eager for pictures that capture the unique experience of an evening at Mantra Lounge. 

Facepainting: As part of our community outreach, Mantra Lounge participates in local festivals to share information about yoga and meditation. Oftentimes we provide the festivals with a facepainter – it’s one of our most popular volunteering opportunities! 


Whatever your skill, whatever your passion – we would love for you to volunteer your expertise!

For more information or to inquire about volunteering opportunities, please reach out to us at or call (215) 834-8043.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂